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An exercise bicycle, is an equipment with handlebars, pedals and a saddle, the user hence replicates the use of a bicycle used as a means of transport. An exercise bicycle has an ergometer to measure the work done by the exerciser; hence it is used for special purpose resembling a bicycle without true wheels.

Exercise machines have been in use since the end of 18th century, gymnastic on was the name given to the stationary bicycles. In the modern world with rapid civilization and development, new stationary bicycles have been made, from upright bikes, those in recumbent positions, indoor cycling bikes for indoors related body exercises to mini exercise bikes. It is a privilege that the exercise bikes are in our market, in supermarkets, sport houses and in our gyms, they come in different shapes, color, prices and sizes. The best seller exercise bicycle in the market include: the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright , Sunny Health and Fitness Pro indoor, Desk Cycle Desk Exercise bike peddle, Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity, Mercury Upright Mag bike, just to mention a few.

If the following bikes are to your dislike well don’t worry others are flowing in the market; Merax Folding Adjustable Magnet, Merax Folding Upright Magnet, Action Line A 840 pro indoor, Soozier Indoor Upright tationary are some of the exercise bikes. If you want to own one due to its rating, people’s view and liking of its result well here are some of the hot bikes to look for; Eva Medical Pedal Exerciser, Magnet Trainer ER-mini Exercise bike, Life Core Fitness Assault Air Bike, Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike, Exerpautic 1000 High Capacity. Would to feel good and envied for buying what most people wish for own one of these exercise bikes; Proform 315 CSX Recumbent bike, Schwinn 230 Recumbent bike, and Velocity Exercise Magnet Upright.

How do they work; exercise bikes feature handlebars that are connected to the pedals, this enhances the upper body to exercise along with the lower body. The bikes provide a magnetic, fan like and friction mechanism where resistance is applied to the pedals so as to increase the intensity of the exercise. Some models can also allow the user to pedal backwards, exercise bikes are manufactured using crankshaft and bottom bracket, so as to turn the flywheel by means of a belt or chain composed of bearings which require frequent replacement as they wear out.
Use of exercise bicycles; for sports and fitness as well as exercise and fitness; as a way to increase body fitness, and training for bicycle competition events. Due to its low impact and safety it is used for physical therapy since it is very effective for cardiovascular exercise. Exercise bikes are also effective for weight loss.

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Pro Indoor Cycling BikeMarcy Upright Mag BikeFolding Recumbent BikeFolding Magnetic Upright BikeIndoor Cycle Trainer
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1.Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

When in need of shading a few more pounds of your body or just for general fitness a bike come in handy. One of the many existing brands in the market currently is the Sunny Health and Fitness pro Indoor Bike. Based on customers’ ratings, On average in a scale of 1 to 5, the bike scoops above 4. This ratings are provided by consumer based on their experience with a bike they used initially or their expectation. Therefore, to have an in depth understanding of this bike, a look at the features, pros and cons would be helpful.
1. The bike is incorporated with an adjustable resistance system and can be controlled by turning the resistance knob.
2. It can support any human weighing in at 275 pounds and below.
3. The flywheel is 40 pound.
4. The seat is comfortable and adjustable both in the horizontal and vertical direction.
5. The chain drive mechanism runs smoothly.
6. The bike has transport wheels making it easy to move the bike to a suitable location within the house or gym.

Pros of the Sunny Health and Fitness bike

1. The bike is sturdy. Feeling sturdy is the number one thing that gives the assurance of safety and with this bike you feel nothing but safe.
2.The chain drive and the sprockets mesh up smoothly and so the bike is quiet.
3. At around 266 dollars on the online stores, the bike gains an edge over other fitness bikes in its category-quite pocket friendly.
4. The bike has fewer components, and so assembling is made a lot easier.
5.Since the bike has fewer components, maintenance is also easy- just lubricating the moving parts,tightening loose nuts, and replacing worn out brake pads.
Another not-so-important feature that plays a role is the appearance. The bike has a sleek appearance- a second look is almost inevitable.

Cons of the Sunny Health and Fitness bike

Just like any other bike having drawbacks, the Sunny Health and Fitness bike is no exception.

1. The bike lack a performance monitoring mechanism like most bikes.
2. The handle is nonadjustable.
3. The bike is only suitable to people towering 5 foot and 3 inches or higher.

2.Marcy Upright Mag Bike

Marcy Upright Mag Exercise Bike
Mary upright mag bike has a complact design and smooth magnetic has also eight preset manual resistance levels.Exercise bikes cycling has been made much easier to operate with the Mary upright mag bike since its much more easier to track your work out progress because of its large computer screen display which its purpose is to track speed,distance,time and calories burnt. This exercise bike is a comfortable fit with an adjustable saet which can manage different body sizes.Other features of this exercise bike include:
1. counter balanced pedals with adjustable foot straps
2. transport wheels
3. foam padded grips
4. durable powder coated finish

The Mary upright mag bike measures 31.5 by 48.75 by 18 inches and it weighs 43 pounds. If you are ready to get serious about getting fit,lose weight and you are thinking of using an exercise bike,you may consider using the Mary upright mag bike. The bike goes for a price of $95.00.

3.Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

Recumbent Bike

For those keen on keeping fit, a recumbent bike is the best way to go. The exerpeutic 400XL folding recumbent bike is an elegantly designed exercise bike with a unique semi-recumbent design to allow for easy entry and exit. It is very comfortable and effective with a massive cushion and backrest.

Main Features

Compact design

This bike has an awesome space saving design that easily folds to half size taking up little space when stored. The transportation wheels come in handy when moving.

Ultimate comfort

The bike boasts a massive seat cushion and a handy back rest that is adjustable so that it fits up to users of 62″ height measurement.

Quiet operation

The V-belt drive as well as the precision balanced flywheel delivers a very smooth and quiet operation so that you can listen to music as you exercise.

Adjustable tension levels

The tension resistance provided is unbelievable with an eight level magnetic tension control system. This means one can easily adjust to different levels of tension for a harder or easier workout session.

Large display window

The 3.3″ width and 1 6″ height LCD display is large enough for one to clearly read the various variables in terms of calories burned, heart rate monitor, distance, speed, time and scan.

Effective pedaling motion

The existent 3 piece cranking system is high torque bringing about a very consistent and smooth pedaling motion.

High weight allowance

The bike has a wide capacity of up to approximately 300 lbs.

Safe for use

Within the large pedal design is a well placed safety trap that ensures one’s foot does not slip while exercising. This recumbent exercise bike is very powerful, comfortable and effective making it a well put together exercise device. With variable resistance, it is built so that the exercise session is custom made to suit your every need. Whether one is tall or short, plumb or lean; this bike is simply the best for exercise.

4.Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse

Upright Bike with Pulse

This exercise bike can support about 300 lbs of weight means this exercise bike is going to be best for motivated over weighed peoples who are going to get fit soon and will show off with their best fit shirts, another thing that this exercise bike is going to give you more sitting comfort than any other bike for sure because it has a large seat cushion this exercise bike is suitable for every one of any size. And yeah height is an issue for many people some are small some are tall but guess what this exercise bike have the solution of this problem also this exercise bike is easily adjustable so it can serve a person of 5″3 inch to 6″1 inch and I know that everyone have different goals so let me tell you this exercise bike is going to tell you the important data of your body because it comes with heart rate: hand pulse monitor, and I myself have a problem of space in my house but to surprise surprise you again this exercise bike have compact design which allows you to save a lot of space becaus it is so easy to fold it. Some people want to get just fit ans some want to make the power growing so for he solution of this issue I want to let you know that this exercise bike have an 8 level magnetic controll system so what else anyone can demand of more at the price of only 149.00$.

5.Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Trainer

Indoor Cycle Trainer

With this exercise bike, your long awaited aspiration of attaining a healthier and trimmer figure is more than possible now. This exercise bike was personally made just to adapt to your needs. It possesses a couple of special, unique features. It has an adjustable seat height, which especially accommodates to your height. Whether you’re on the taller or shorter side, you now have the liberty to adjust the seat to suit your need.Another cool feature this bike possesses is that it’s chain drive mechanism enables for frequent smooth and quiet workouts. What’s amazing about this is that you do not have to worry about hearing any loud, squeaky noises during your workouts. Watching television or listening to music while working out simultaneously, without the distraction of any loud noise is made possible now. The cost of this product is within a very affordable range. It is also made of heavy duty crank and steel frame, which helps to enhance the product’s durability and minimize any potential damage. This means that the life expectancy of the Indoor Cycle Trainer is very, extremely long.

Another cool feature it has is it’s adjustable resistance. Whether you are looking for a power work out or just a casual work out, you now have the opportunity to adjust the resistance of your cycling session according to your own need and pace. With so many incredible features, an affordable price and the comfort that it offers, this exercise bike is the number 1 choice for a healthier and fitter life. Maximize your potential from the comfort of your own home with Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Trainer today!

Why you need an exercise bike

Before the invention of high technology exercise gadgets used to day, exercise bike was the most popular type of gym available. When deciding on the exercise program, you need to choose something enjoyable and easy to do. Exercise bike is highly recommended especially to people who have knee or joint problem which renders walking or jogging challenging.

Hot, cold or rainy weather may be an excuse not to exercise, but with this bike, weather conditions cannot inhibit you from exercising. It is easy to use this bike, even for work out beginners. If you do not like going to the gym, you can use this bike at home. This bike allows you to exercise at anytime of the day or night.

Exercise bike can help you lose excess fats. Frequent exercise helps you manage and control your weight, hence boosting your body immunity and mitigating the risk of developing illnesses. Health experts recommend at least 150 minutes of cardio exercise per week. Exercise bike can assist you in attaining this recommendation, hence giving you an opportunity to enjoy all the health benefits. For work out beginners, it is advisable to manage a moderate activity on exercise bike for proper results. For people who are already fit, they can increase the intensity to get better results.

Calorie burn, this can be achieved within half an hour work out using the exercise bike. Regular exercise helps you burn your calories which enables manage body weight. The amount of calories burnt using the exercise bike depends on the intensity of your work out. For instance, if you go at a moderate rate, with a weight of about 155 pounds, within 30 minutes you will be able to burn about 260 calories.

Unlike other work out activities like running or team sports, exercise bike is joint friendly. Some aerobic exercise may strain or injure your joints, but exercise bike is easy on your joints. Exercise bike helps get your heart pumping with minimal pressure on your joints. The Cleveland Clinic argues that exercise bike is the best for people who are overweight as it reduces the mechanical stress exerted on the knees, ankles and hips. Exercise bike is safe than even walking.

Riding exercise bike amounts to cardiovascular exercise. If these exercises are done on regular basis, they help lower blood pressure and control blood sugar hence mitigating the risks of developing heart attacks.

Another research conducted by The Mayo Clinic suggested that, regular riding on exercise bike helps your heart to become efficient at pumping blood in your body. It manages your body cholesterol. Therefore, riding exercise bike 30 to 40 minutes for five times a week has many health benefits, and may also extend your life.


Exercise bike improves your muscular flexibility. Flexible muscles helps ease the low back pain which is caused by muscle strain. Unlike other aerobic exercises, exercise bike improves your cardiovascular health and blood circulation in the body. Therefore, exercise bike is a must if you wish to attain ultimate fitness and enjoy all health benefits including longer life free from chronic diseases.